Practical Completion Inspection

The day finally came! We had our PCI on the 27th of February. It seems like only yesterday when it was an empty block. We have been to the house a fair few times so there really was no wow aspect, but still great to see the almost finished product.

We were armed with a list of everything we had ‘ordered’ and a pretty extensive checklist sourced from here.

The site manager had a reel of blue tape. We inspected every room from top to bottom. Took us the best part of 2 hours to get through the whole house, and we did not do nearly all that is listed on the checklist. It all just got a bit exhausting and repetitive in the end. We picked up on the following:

  1. Laundry door security flyscreen door not installed. Site manager knew nothing about it! Had not been ordered despite being on the doors and window schedule. This is where having a complete list of what was ordered by room was very helpful (this was basically an excel spreadsheet of the contract and colours items).
  2. All the toilet roll holders and towel rails not installed. Again site manager was like, “Are you getting those?” We were like “yeah!! See page XXX of the contract!” So again part of contract but not ordered. So important to check that they have put in everything you are paying for.
  3. Paint touch ups.
  4. Caulking touch ups.
  5. Variations in the colour of grout between tiles in the wet areas.
  6. We were not happy with the appearance of the brickwork. The acid wash had eroded the mortar excessively in some areas, some bricks were not laid properly and there was generally untidy finish with the mortar. Some areas had mortar repaired and this was a different colour to the earlier mortar. Not a good look all around.

On the whole we were not feeling too bad with the general condition of the house. We had Darbecca through in the afternoon to do the final inspection. Now that deserves it’s own post…. In the meantime, pics….



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